WhY aM i DoInG tHiS???

I love when things happen naturally, organically, without force or persuasion. I love when all the pieces of the puzzle fall magically into place without any effort on my part. When this happens, I feel like it was simply meant to be! If it does not happen this way, I question whether it’s really supposed to be part of my plan. I am debating all of this, because I am not really sure this blog is meant for me. However, sometimes a piece of the puzzle needs a little effort to fit.

When I was younger, I would write all the time. Poems, narratives, short stories; really just anything that required a noun and a verb. Then one day, after a discussion with my English 101 professor in college, I decided that my writing was pointless and would have no purpose in the greater scheme of things.

I sat in his dingy office, going over a short story I had written and he says to me as stoically as possible, “You should really consider changing your major to creative writing. We really need more students like you. You have a talent that you need to share.” I did consider it. I actually already had considered it. I had initially chosen a major that I could go anywhere in the world and get a job with little effort on my part and make decent money. I could live a comfortable life and provide for my family someday, hopefully, without the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck. I wanted that life. I wanted comfort and ease. If I changed my major, I would have to struggle. I would have to pour my heart out into paper into the computer screen with the possibility of my best not being good enough. The truth is, I could not deal with that rejection. I could not risk my heart. Of course, you know how this ends. I chose the road most traveled. I chose the road wide and paved, with little twists and turns. I sat my car on cruise and that’s exactly what I did, cruise.

After I passed English 101, I never wrote anything again that required creativity on my part. I graduated four years later with a degree in Occupational Therapy, married the most amazing man, and now have two children, a little girl and a little boy. Are you wondering why I decided to write again, to blog? Facebook!

I opened account a little over a year ago, I know I am so far behind the rest of the modernized world. When everyone is deleting their accounts I am opening one. When everyone is so over blogging I decide I might try it. Anyway, I would try to write a status on Facebook and I would always get this message “You have used to many characters to be a status would you like to write a Note instead?” Yes, I would, thank you very much. I wrote for pure pleasure again and I loved it! I had no idea how much I had missed it.

Then I began to re-think my decision I made in college. If I had chose to major in creative writing, my life may have been so different. I could have sharpened my skill set. I could have published my first novel by now, but I can’t look back. I can only go forward. So, for now I am going to choose the road most traveled once again. I am going to blog on! And, this is how I roll!!!