Missing: My Patience

I lost my Patience last night. I could not find it anywhere! I looked under the bed, in between the couch cushions, behind the fridge, but my Patience was nowhere to be found.

I first noticed that something was not quite right with my Patience, when I got home home from work. My sweet, darling children love pixie sticks! I mean, who does not like straight sugar in a paper tube? Hello, Me!! I hate Pixie Stix! I hate the mess they make! And, oh boy, what a mess they do make! I walked into my kitchen and there was blue pixie dust everywhere! All over the table! All over the floor! It looked like Tinkerbell had hurled all over my kitchen table, and then decided to make a little blue pixie dust trail from the table to the living room couch! I was livid, but my Patience was still around, for Now!

Then my husband came home from work and guess what he wanted to know, “What’s for Dinner?” No, he doesn’t want a salad! No, he doesn’t want a sandwich! No, he doesn’t want anything I have to offer! I felt my Patience leave my body and exit the back door!

I honestly, thought it would not be gone long! She knows how much I need her, but 2 hours later and still no Patience. If it had been 24 hours I would have filed a missing persons report for sure.

Then just when I feel my patience may be in the vicinity, something terrible happens! My babies are in the bathtub and I am in the bedroom looking for a tractor for Skylyr to play with in the water. He just has to have one! Of course I can’t find the one he wants. I am looking under, over and everywhere, while I constantly scream out their names to get them to answer me. This way I know they have not drowned in the bathtub while I am looking for a big, green, John Deere tractor. Ugh! I finally find the one I think he wants and I go back into the bathroom. I stop dead cold in my tracks. The bathtub is one massive bubble and the floor has disappeared beneath all the bubbly magic. I brace myself and try really hard not to let out a “I am going to commit a felony,” blood, curling scream, but I can’t help myself. I do anyway and take off in a sprint toward the tub, but I never make it there. My children watch in horror as I take a dog fall directly on my backside. I am looking up at the ceiling trying to figure out what would possess my sweet, innocent, obedient children to turn the water back on, pour out a whole bottle of shampoo, and turn on the jets! My anger and frustration rises and my patience is missing, so I let the tears fall. My children are dumbfounded! They don’t speak. They don’t move and then they begin to wail. A Bloodcurdling my mommy is hurt wail! I try to calm them but I can’t. Then my husband walks into the bathroom steps over me, and places a towel in front of the tub. Two,little, wet naked bodies step out and over me. I am left in the bathroom alone with my tears and bubbles to wipe.

Eventually, I make my way to my feet and clean the awful mess! By the time I demolish the last bubble, my babies are waiting on me to tuck them in for the night. I crawl into bed with my now calm babies and begin to read, “The Cat in the Hat comes back”, for the gizilionith time. Then my little Skylyr crawls behind my back, and places MY head in HIS lap. He rubs my face,and occasionally, kisses the top of my head. My little Lauryn has her head on my chest! I am covered in love from my head to my chest and I love it! I forget about the Pixie Dust and the magic bubble and Then Something strange begins to happen. I feel my Patience returning just as my babies close their little eyelids! They are asleep and my Patience has returned! I am whole again! I am once again Complete! And, everything is right in the world, at least for this bright, shining,MOMENT!