New word

I am thinking about adding a new word to my vocabulary. A word that exists in my native language, but is mostly foreign to my tongue. A word that would not hold me back, tie me down and force me into commitment. A non-complicated, two letter word. One constant. One vowel. One Syllable. N-O!

You can not begin to imagine how many times a day, I just want to say no! I daydream about all the different ways I could use no in a sentence. Here are just a few: “No, you can’t put Barbie in the bathtub!” “No, I can’t work any days that end in Y.”. ” No, I can’t wash dishes because I am allergic to detergent.” ” No, I can’t exercise! It makes my legs hurt!” “No, I can’t eat healthy because it makes my tastebuds feel bad!” “No, OKAY! Just NO!”.

Oh, how I want to use NO more! I mean I really, really, really want to, but I can’t! See I am that girl that just wants to see everyone else happy regardless of how unhappy saying yes makes me! I want every need and want met. Every task completed on time and an A on every paper! By the end of most days, i have nothing left to give, donate, or share. And, I am depleted, drained and wasted from saying yes all day long!

I have decided that the Madness must stop. It must stop now! I must start saying NO! And, I am not going to feel guilty afterwards! I am going to say it loud and proud! I am going to scream it from the rooftops, but for now I think I am just going to practice saying NO in front of my mirror! Over and Over! Over and Over!