Somewhere over the Rainbow

KY Tornados

One of my all time favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz. I know I am not alone on this one, but I always felt a kinship of sorts with Dorothy. She loved Toto and I loved Toto. She was afraid of The Wicked Witch and I was petrified of The Wicked Witch and her flying monkey’s too. Dorothy spent most of her time looking frightened and well, so do I. Dorothy always felt like there was no place like home, and like I still do, she believed there is a even better place than home just over the Rainbow.

One thing that I don’t have in common with Dorothy is that I would never, ever call Kansas home. I am sure it is a Fabulous place to live, and the people are just lovely, but I could never live anywhere that has a name synonymous with Tornados. Tragically, for my fellow Kentuckians they didn’t have to visit Kansas to witness the destruction and aftermath of Nature’s fury, The Tornado, it came to them.

All day, yesterday, the atmosphere was electric in more ways than one. People were a buzz with talk of Tor-con levels, Vortexes and super cells. Some man named Jim, from The Weather Channel was on his way to Lexington. Cashiers, UPS men, and Wal-mart greeters all quickly became meteorologists, giving minute by minute updates of the fast approaching storms. All eyes were glued to Doppler radars and all ears were listening for sirens.

As the day went on the air became thicker. You could cut the humidity with a knife. It felt like The 4th of July on March 2nd. Yet despite all the signs, watches and warnings I was still skeptical. Nothing ever happens in our sleepy little town, and let’s be honest there isn’t anything as unpredictable as the weather, right? How many times do they miss it? One little shift, and the whole forecast goes down the drain. Disappointing if you had your heart set on a snow day, but a blessing if you cancelled your home insurance yesterday and are expecting a Tornado today! It seems like when you want the weather man to get it all wrong with everything in you, and take back all the warnings, he gets it right. Unfortunately, on March 2, 2012, the Weatherman got it right!

Yesterday evening, a tornado touched down in the East Bernstadt area of Laurel County, a neighboring county to where I live. The tornado did what they do best; demolish, tear down, and wipe clean everything that is unfortunate to be in it’s path. How sad, and, punch you in the gut, heart- wrenching, it is to see and hear about all that your neighbors have lost. Some had minor damages and minor injuries, and other lost everything, including their lives. It is unfathomable to think about what all those involved must have went thru when the twisters made their impact upon their lives. I am sure that they will be haunted from the sights and sounds of that night for years to come.

Still, the hardest part is on the Horizon. The clean up! It can take years to repair what was torn down in a matter of seconds, and there are so many things that they will never ever get back. Luckily, for these fellow Kentuckians they live in a community where people ban together and unite, to hold hands if they need held, wipe tears as they fall, and lend strong backs, to repair what was tore down. For those who lost their lives, we mourn their passing but we know for those who believed, the clouds are now far behind them and their worries have melted like lemon drops somewhere over the Rainbow!