Rubber Boots and a Coat

My son has a BUG! Not the kind that bites, but the kind that makes you sick! Real Sick!

It started roughly two weeks ago. He would stand at the door and scream and scream and SCREAM! When it first happened, I got that I am going to be sick feeling. Is he hurt? Will he survive? What happened?

Then I see him! All body parts are intact. No fresh blood. No missing teeth. Just a pair of rubber boots and a coat.

Then it really hits me! My son has came down with March Madness. I’m not talking about the kind that sweeps thru the Bluegrass state, and makes us MAD with desire for another SEC title and NCAA title. No, not that kind. I’m referring to the kind that makes you MAD for warm weather and sun kissed faces. The kind of March Madness that longs for an end to Winter and aches for an Eternal Summer (at least until it gets so hot we start to pray for Fall).

Yes, that is what my son has! There is no cure for the Madness. All I can do is treat his symptoms. So, I let him go! I open the door and out he goes. The Screaming Stops! He plays till his nose runs and his eyes water. He stands in puddles till his rubber boots get stuck in the mud. He runs not like the wind, too clumsy, but with the wind. And, I let him go! I let him Go, so he will not stay mad!

P.S. Please pray that my son does not get REALLY sick and that he ends his fling with March. She is nothing more than a TEASE!