Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time I was young and madly in love. My Prince Charming came galloping into my life on the back of a blazing red stallion (For Real! I saw him for the first time at a horse show). We were instantly drawn to each other like magnets looking for their mates, but unlike all true fairy tales our story didn’t end on our Wedding Day. It was just beginning and the beginning sent me hurling down ever after without a road map.

I’m sure when Cinderella said “I Do”, I’m sure she never shed a single tear for her former life. I can picture her day dreaming about her new life, void of all the domestic duties her wicked stepmother had afflicted on her. No more scrubbing the floors or buckling down the hatches. She was marrying a Prince who lived in a castle full of handmaidens.

No more dishpan hands for me. “I’m free. I’m free. God Almighty, I’m free at last!”.

That very well may have been Cinderella’s ever after, but it wasn’t mine. For the most part, I am the princess and the handmaiden. I clean. I scrub. I wash. I launder. I do all these things and more and still keep my prince charming enchanted. I know Cinderella would have been so excited to do the same, luckily for her, she never got that far!

Oh, The Little Mermaid. One of my Favs! I mean, who doesn’t love a tale of forbidden love. Somehow the Forbidden part makes everything a little sweeter and juicer. Poor Aerial fell in love with a man and the world he lived in, but she had a few obstacles to overcome before she could be with her lover boy; Fins and her father. She was a mermaid and her father was King of the Ocean and like any good father he wanted what was best for Aerial. The best for Aerial was staying in her Ocean home and meeting a nice mer-man that Daddy approved of, but that was her father’s dream not Aerial’s. We all know how the story ends. Aerial found a way to be human, married the man she loved, and Daddy gave her his blessing. How Sweet!

What Aerial didn’t get the chance to find out is that when she said I do to her prince, she also said I do to his mother, father, brothers, sisters, and, well, the whole Royal Clan! The prince in turn said I do to whole lot of stinky, scaly, fish! I’m sure Aerial’s father still felt like she could have did better. She could have chose a mer-man that she would not have had to change herself for. I’m sure Aerial’s new mother-in-law was just as disappointed in her son’s choice. For Pete’s sake, her son married someone that could have been on the front, or inside, the Chicken of the Sea can. Disappointments can be hard to leave behind.

Merging two families with different backgrounds, beliefs, and traditions can be tricky and downright difficult at times without adding previous disappointments. Misunderstandings and hurt feelings are bound to surface unless you choose to accept your new family with an open mind and a open heart. I’ve found out on my travels down ever after that Love really is the answer. Regardless of disappointments and differences love your new family for all that they mean to your new Prince Charming and for the Prince they crafted for you. Without his family, he would have been a very different Prince. So, replace the differences with acceptance and swallow the disappointments. Otherwise your kingdom will constantly be under attack!

Last but not least on my list of favorite Fairytales, Beauty and the Beast. I apologize Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, but Bella and her Beast are at the very top of my list. I feel that if Belle and Prince Adam had the chance to live out their happily ever after, it really would be, happy, for the most part. Their story is the only one where their love runs deeper than lust at first sight. Belle learned to love Prince Adam when he was still a horrible, retched, Beast. She loved him when he had fur, paws, and a temper that ignited faster than a struck match. She saw past everything that was ugly about him, inside and out, and found Beauty. A rose among the thorns. Belle’s love broke the spell and transformed her beast into a handsome prince once again.

There is one thing I’m sure Belle would have learned about her handsome prince in happily ever after land that she may not have anticipated at The End. I’m sure Belle was positive the beast was gone for good but I’m certain he would have made occasional visits. When Belle backed her carriage into the garage door, or when Belle got carried away at The General Store and maxed out her golden credit cards, or when the new baby had the colic and no one in the palace had slept for days, I’m sure The Beast would have made an appearance. At least my beast does under the mentioned circumstances, but then again, I’m no Beauty myself!

He’s Hateful. I’m easily hurt. He’s strong willed. I’m too passive. He yells. I pout. But, believe it or not, we argue infrequently (more frequently since we had children) and love often. I still love his laugh and to hold his hand. I love how he always wants to do what is right, whatever the cost. I love that he cares about almost everything and he is always willing to help out anyone in need. He has a heart the size of any magic kingdom. What I love most is that not only does he tell me, but that he also shows me daily that his magic kingdom sized heart belongs to me! I know he can be a beast at times, but he’s still my Prince Charming! You will just have to wait and see, how our fairytale will end!

“Every Love Story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.”