Lottery, Smottery!

I am almost too devastated to write! My hopes, my dreams and aspirations have been torn away from me. My heart hurts, but I must go on!

First thing this morning, before I even brushed my teeth, I googled The Mega Millions Lottery. The winning tickets were sold in Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas, but not Kentucky! I did not win! Sob! Sob! I will still be lower middle class! Ugh! I will still be swimming in debt up to my eyeballs. No enormous trust funds for my children! No, New iPad 3! No, New Coach Purse! No, donating lavishly to my favorite charities; St. Jude’s, Susan G. Komen, Autism Speaks and my wonderful, little church! I must go lie down!

I just keep thinking, why couldn’t it have been me. I am a good girl, for the most part. I pay my taxes. I recycle. I send my children to public school. I try my best to keep the ten commandments, except the coveting your neighbor part. I really, really, REALLY wanted to win!

I should have known better! I know the odds! I know my chances of getting struck by lightening is greater than winning the jackpot. I never play unless the payoff is so colossal I can not refuse. The Mega Millions kept whispering my name, “Buy a ticket, Tammy. Play your numbers. Someone has to win, and it could be you.”. Liar, Liar, LIAR!

I did not win. I will go to work on Monday. I will drive the same car, live in the same house, and wear the same clothes. My savings account will still be starving and my retirement fund non-existent. I will continue to love my not-so rich and famous life and I will not forget that I have my health, and a wealth of love, enough love to go around! Lottery, Smottery!