Just Was

Last week was bad. It could have been worse. It could have been better, but I am grateful, most of all, that it just was.

I don’t want to dive too deep this week. I want everything to be light and fluffly and low fat. I want my troubles to melt like lemon drops, and my plans to fall into place like a beautifully stacked, white wedding cake, trimmed with silver frosting pearls. I want every word that leaves my mouth to be formed from true, organic, cane sugar, and to spread like thick Maple syrup on barely brown pancakes. I want every action I execute too be rolled and dipped in love, and signed sincerely yours, xoxo.  Aww, what a sweet dream.

Okay.  I decided to skip the low fat part.  It does everything for your figure, but nothing for your mood.  I decided to start Monday off with, say a little chocolate, or perhaps a whole batch of dark chocolate cupcakes, heaped in chocolate cream cheese frosting.  Yum!Cupcakes compliments of the Baker, Me!

I know if you read my post last week, you probably remember my promise to do better, eat healthier, right?  Well, it turns out I should have kept my promise.  God sent me a sign.  My husband found this squirming thru our landscaping, just as I was about to take the last bite of my first cupcake.God sent me a real Serpent as a little reminder.  Yikes!
Needless, to say I didn’t finish my cupcake, and I found the remainder of the batch a good home! I assumed that would be the honorable thing to do!