My Life on Summer!


I can think of a million reasons why I LOVE Summer! Sunshine. School’s out! Flip Flops. Popsicles. Bicycles. Pig Tails. Swimming Pools. Watermelon. Lemonade. Suntans. Cookouts. Hot Nights. Long kisses. Toes in the sand, waves licking the shore, Summertime, Sweet, Summertime! Aaaaahhhh, how I love you, Summer, but you turn my life upside down.

In case your wondering, that gal in the perfectly clad bikini is not me. I haven’t looked that good in a bikini since…ummm…well….NEVER! Photo is compliments of idesign.

Summer came early this year, but technically it’s still not here yet, and I’m already feeling it’s effects.

For one, I do not want to go to work, period! I want to stay up late, sleep till noon, and soak up the sun’s rays all afternoon. My kid’s bedtimes have been extended way past the need for sunscreen or a porch light. What can I say? The crickets serenade them with lullabies, and fireflies sign their names with lights in the night’s sky. How can I argue with Mother Nature, and they look so darn cute riding their bicycles, by the light of the moon, seriously?

Then there is the state of my house. It looks a lot like this:


Yeah, that’s my house, on Summer. I know it’s bad! I have totally neglected her. My laundry is piled so high, I am afraid Jack could confuse the pile for a beanstalk, or Jacob may think it’s a ladder. Dust bunnies have multiplied at the speed of light. They are nesting in every crack and crevice, and sleeping under every bed and chair I own. The clutter has gotten so bad that when you open a door, any door, something or something’s come flying out. We have learned to dunk quite well, almost, in perfect unison! Yikes ( I am dropping my head in shame, and so is my mother)!

Despite, being on the brink of unemployment, and possessing the ripe opportunity for my house to appear on an episode of Hoarders, my husband and I have managed to accomplish some small feats, outside, of course. This is my baby:


This is my Garden of Eden, not quite as lush, nor does it have people eating fruit in the buff, but it is still my work in progress. If you look real close, you will see the beginnings of something wonderful, small sprouts ready to blossom.

This is our other baby, that has ate us out of, time and money, Landscaping.

As I type the word landscaping my body aches in protest. My knees are shot, back permanently bent, and my neck shoots pain with every rotation, but my hands love it. They yearn to dig and plunder in the dirt and it’s paying off, slowly.

I hope some of you out there can relate to my life on summer. If you can, like me, you will continue to loathe work all Summer long, and your house will not be sparkling, clean until Winter, but let me offer you a thought that may take away some of the guilt:


My house is dirty but my life is well spent! I hope your’s is too! Toddles!