The Big D

I’m going thru “The Big D”, and I do not mean Dallas or Divorce! I mean, no smile with your customer service, no sugar in your sweet tea, and torrential rain on your outdoor, wedding day, kind of Disappointment.

I know we have all been there, a time or two. I bet Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother stayed there, and all of America can not seem to get over the disappointing end to Heidi and Seal’s, written in the stars, marriage. Come on folks, if a Victoria’s Secret Angel and a Washed Up Rock Star can’t make it, then who can? All married couples are inevitably DOOMED!

I really wish I could say this was my very, first, unwanted, encounter with “The Big D”, but to my dismay that day came and passed many, many years ago. Let’s try Christmas 1986. I was a whopping, five-years-old. I tolerated Care Bears and Cabbage Patch Dolls, but I loved my Barbie Dolls. They were young, restless, and beautiful. They were single and had wild, sordid, affairs until my Peaches N Cream Barbie, met and fell madly in love with, Rocker Ken.





Peaches began to get older, and in turn she heard her biological clock, tick, tock, ticking, so loud she thought her ear drums might burst. She told Rocker that she was tired of life on the road. She wanted to settle down and start a family. Rocker was hesitant. He loved living life in the fast lane, long hair and even longer, wilder nights. Peaches got fed up, and issued him an ultimatum. Rocker could settle down and buy Peaches her Dream home, or she was hitting the road without him. This was her Dream Home:


I knew Rocker would never come thru for Peaches, so I had to help him out. Peaches and Rocker could not become just another statistic, at least not on my watch. I made my pleas with Santy Claus. I had mostly been good all year long, hadn’t I? I deserved that Barbie Dream house, and I didn’t have a single doubt that I would not get Peach’s Dream until Christmas morning. I scanned the presents under the tree looking for a huge square box, but I didn’t see one. I kept the faith anyway. I began to tear thru my gifts like The Tasmanian Devil. After every gift I opened, my hope would begin to fade, little by little. By the time, I opened my last gift I was crushed. This is what I got:


It was not Peach’s Dream home. It was a three-story, cardboard, shack. I was devastated and heartbroken, mostly for Peaches, of course. How would her and Rocker ever survive this, but they did, somehow! Eventually, Peaches began to love her cardboard shack and she learned a very important life lesson along the way. A house does not make a home, but Rocker and a whole slew of Happy Meal figurines did. I also, learned some crucial life lessons as well:

1. When life hands you a cardboard shack instead of a dream house, you make it your home!

2. If you long for the finer things in life, you better have a fine job to afford those things, and even
then you may not get Everything your heart desires!

3. Life can be full of disappointments but is truly how you handle those disappointments that makes
all the difference in the world!

Even now, faced with my current disappointment, I struggle slightly, with handling my disappointment, gracefully. I envy my friend, Merianne. She says she puts all her anger, frustration, and disappointments in a bubble, and huffs, and puffs, and blows them away! I, on the other hand, need to sit on my disappointments for a while. I need to tear them down and break them apart. I need to analyze the what if’s, the should haves, could haves, and the would haves. Then I can move on, because in the end I believe this sentiment is true: