I’m still here….

I have had a few people ask me “Where have you been this past week? Why have you not posted?”. Well, I am not gone. I am still here, but a little frazzled.

It is still 100 whopping degrees here, so to say I am a HOT is an understatement of massive proportions. I think the heat has left me somewhat hazy like the steam rising from the asphalt, and my brain feels fried like yesterday’s omelet with a hint of green peppers and ham. As a result, my word finding abilities are restricted and my sentence formation capabilities is lacking which leads to very little posting 😦

If the heat wasn’t enough, we had a small storm, packing a huge punch, rip thru our area, leaving thousands without power, and leaving me a single mom for the remainder of the week. My husband went to work to help restore power, and I went to battle alone at home. The little people know when you are out numbered and they use their strength in numbers to it’s fullest advantage. By Saturday morning, I was down for the count and screaming mercy, but they had none 😦

Then If the heat and the storm wasn’t enough, bring on Mother Nature, again. I have a garden full of ripe veggies that are falling away. They need picked and canned but it’s such a daunting task for one person. Therefore, I put my children to work.




After picking three rows if green beans, with a 2 -year-old and a five year-old, I decided that I would have been much better off, if I would have let the beans rot on the vine! I should have went to the grocery and bought canned green beans. It would have been cheaper and a heck of a lot easier! Why did I want to can, again?

So, now you know why I haven’t been posting. Maybe this week will be better, if not you may hear from me come September πŸ™‚