God’s Gift

I once thought my life danced on the toes of perfection.

It skimmed the surface of pure splendor.

It traced the lines of divine bliss.

Until my eyes saw the glory of God’s Gracious design,

Until my ears heard the gasp of a baby’s first breath,

And, my hands brushed the flesh of an earthly angel,

Then the life I once knew ended,

But I gained so much more.

A sweet baby girl!

On this day, five years ago, Miss Lauryn Aleigha, made her entrance, with force, of course, and life has never been the same. She wrapped me around her tiny little fingers, and ran away with my heart. She filled my cup to overflowing with love, and she changed my name from Tammy to Mommy. I love her more than she will ever know…


Happy 5th Birthday, Lauryn!