Paying it backward

For some strange reason, the blogging gods have looked down on me from a far, and found favor in my sight. They graciously rained down three awards on my lowly blog, The Versatile Blogger Award, The Reader Appreciation Award, and The one Lovely Blog Award. I am grateful and humbled.

To accept these awards, I have to fulfill some requirements rules. I’ve never really been good with expectations, so I am going to spread the love without the rules. Instead of paying my awards forward, I am going to pay them backward by honoring those who awarded me, My pretzel logic, Amb, and The Bumble Files.

Amber @ wordsbecomesuperfluous is downright Amazing. Despite talking too much she never writes too much. Her posts are short, sugary, and bursting with enthusiasm. She has excellent taste in music and knows how to show her readers a good time. So, if you are in need of a pick me up or an excellent read just visit Amber!

One of my newest followers and I am so stinking glad he found me, My Pretzel Logic! He loves caffeine, girl’s with pretty voices, and he has a way with words. I think this guy’s a charmer, and I am smitten. I could read his caffeine chronicles all day long. They are like a good book you can’t put down! So go, read his stuff!

And, last but not least, The Bumble Files. Oh, how I adore this blog! It’s clean. It’s fresh, and she really knows how to engage her readers. Besides posting 2 and 3 part stories to keep you coming back for more, she has open discussions with her readers mainly about writing and everything else!

I feel very honored that these three bloggers awarded me with such lovely awards! And, thank you all for allowing me to play it backward!