So long Summer

Dear summer,

I know you are not gone yet, but I feel you leaving, slipping through my fingertips. I had big plans for us. So many things I intended to do with you, while the days were long, and the nights were short. A to do list that could not be rivaled, but lays, unfulfilled.

I imagined countless trips down a river in a little canoe, just me and you. I imagined many more days of frolicking under the sun and outrunning the moon. I pictured the flowers always in bloom, the trees always adorned, the grass forever in color.

I thought we had more time, but now September is telling me otherwise. I know I will miss you, summer, when the leaves begin to fall and swirl in a chaos of colors. I will miss you when the first snowflakes fly like feathers from a dove, or a love letter from God, addressed to the frozen earth. I will miss you when my babies, bundled like Eskimos, dance in the snow, leaving a trail of tiny footprints, leading to my front door.

So, summer while you still linger, shine big and bright, just for me and my babies. Give us one more chance to dive in the deep end of the pool, one more golden opportunity to catch the big one that got away, and one more night to watch falling stars under a haze of heat and humidity.



Just remember, Summer, as you go, that I will miss you all Winter long…