Rings around the tub and Moody Weather!

I wish I could plan the weather like a nicely accessorized outfit. It would always be the same size and the exact color of my mood. When I looked out my window this morning, I felt like I had donned a mismatched pair of shoes, one blue and one black.


To say, I felt a little disappointment, would be a gross understatement. I needed blue sky’s and sunshine, but instead the weather showed up dark and gloomy. The mist of rain quarantined my children to the garage. There’s something about the garage that fools them into believing that they’re not really inside, a step closer to being outside. I don’t get it, but they do.


I cleaned house, ironed, cooked, and wished I would have bought tickets to the circus. Then I began to worry about the end of Summer, and each and everything, I would miss about the season. My mood began to match the weather. I wish it were the other way around. I decided to try a different tactic. I began to count all the many reasons why, I should look forward to Fall, instead.

No more dirt rings around the bathtub from dirty little people. My son is a distant cousin to Charlie Brown’s Buddy, Pig-Pen. See Evidence below:


Fodder-shock’s, Hayrides, and Pumpkin Patch’s, Oh, My!!



There’s nothing better than spending the day in a maze of cornstalks, fields of bright orange pumpkins, and drinking a gallon of apple cider and eating a pound of chocolate fudge. Fun and Yum!

Someone has a hard time keeping her knees from the pavement while attempting to ride a bicycle

Did I mention no more scraped knees from bicycle crashes.

Just as my mood began to seem a little lighter and brighter, the weather finally decided to match me, and not the other way around.


Hurry!  Go Enjoy the Sunshine, before the weather decides to change her mood again!!!