Grandparent’s Day!

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. ~Alex Haley

I am certain there is nothing on Earth that makes my parent’s as happy as their grandchildren do. I knew the moment my mother held my daughter for the first time I had been replaced. The look on my Mother’s face, a reflection of my own, pure, unconditional love, minus all the weight and responsibility that comes with parenting. My parents were smitten without limits and still are.

They spoil, baby, dote and pamper their grandchildren to the point it is almost shameless but enduring. The word NO holds no meaning. Yes, is repeated often. Discipline does not exist. They fulfill their grandchildren’s every wish. No mountain is too high enough, no river is too wide enough to keep them apart. The grandchildren call and they go running.

I am sure my parents would deny these accusations, but they are guilty as charged. Okay, maybe I am a tad bit jealous or even envious. Growing up, my parent’s had lots of boundaries for us. We heard no often, and they did not hesitate to correct, when we veered onto the wrong path. Those burdens do not seem to exist, when you go from parent to grandparent. The fears, the worries, and endless duties are all washed away. A blessing I am so grateful my parent’s have received.

I am, also, certain that nothing makes my children happier than their Nana, Mamaw, and Papaw’s. They know they are loved and loved some more. If there is a need that I can not meet, they know who can and then some. My parent’s are blessed but my children are blessed by them even more, and I am so very thankful!










Happy Grandparent’s Day!!