Mommy in a bottle

This mommy isn’t much different from any other mommy. I am a little Florence Nightingale and a lot Genie in a bottle. I have a deep maternal urge to dry every tear, kiss every boo-boo, and make every wish, my children dare to dream, come true! Unfortunately, here lately, I have been saying “Yes, Master” or should I say “Yes, children”, more than I am cleaning cuts and applying sponge bob band-aids.

My wish granting spree all began with my sweet baby boy. He’s two and loves anything that moves. He gets all excited at the sight of a plane, train, tractor, and automobile. Since our trip last weekend that involved a pseudo train his fascination grew worse by the minute. So, when this mommy stumbled across this fall festivity, I got an idea! A Wonderful, beautiful idea! We would go! We would ride a real train, to a real sincere pumpkin patch!

I packed our bags and most my family ( we are a little Beverly Hillbillish), and headed South to TN then east to North Carolina! We drove across The Great Smoky Mountains, thirty plus miles of nature’s splendor and smoking brakes. We drove thru the little town of Cherokee, NC, past dancing Indians in full headdress and roadside stands selling moccasins and arrowheads, past rushing rivers and over rolling hills, to get to this quant little town.



Bryson City felt a lot like home, but different, trapped in time, a little 1917-ish maybe. Old brick stores lined the streets and The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad Depot stole the spotlight as a little blue building among a sea of red bricks. A host of craft selling and candy making vendors surrounded The Depot under large white tents. A live band blasted country music thru the paved streets and the smell of funnel cakes and fudge followed you as far as your nose could smell. We made our way to the train and climbed aboard!




Our seats were in the open air Gondola’s, so we got the oppurtunity to take it all in, everything. The perfectly stacked rock walls, the leaves wild with color, the rivers ripe for kayaking or rafting, and the peaks of the smoky mountains standing tall and looming in the background.



I didn’t want the train to stop, but it did, Peanuts style. Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Snoopy where all there to greet us at The Great Pumpkin Patch. The kids were beyond excited!

They bobbed for apples.


They trick or treated


They went on a hunt for The Great Pumpkin


They rode a wagon pulled by a tractor driving scarecrow


Lauryn meet her cousin Lucy


And, they took lots of pictures for mommy


Like all good things, they must eventually come to an end. Our time at the pumpkin patch was over. Carrying pumpkins under one arm, and bags of candy in the other, we boarded the train once again as the whistle blew for departure.

On the ride home the kids fell asleep and I was exhausted, but most of all I was grateful. Grateful for a wonderful day. Grateful for the perfect weather. Grateful for all God’s beauty and his many blessings, for the two sitting beside me, and the loving family that surrounds me.

No, it wasn’t the most sincere pumpkin patch, and no, we didn’t catch a glimpse of The Great Pumpkin, but I was especially grateful that I got to make one wish come true, for one very special little boy. Here’s to many more!