Making Moments into Memories

Time does not stop. It does not slow down.

It marches forward, minute by minute, hour by hour.

Each day brings a new gift, a second chance, a promise of hope.

And, each day passes with missed opportunities, failed intentions, and mournful regrets.

The calendar pages turn and fall.

The hands of a weathered clock, tired and frail, continue to tick, tocking, tick,

Singing us all a lullaby.

Reminding us to make, each and every minute count,

Breathe life into every moment,

Make it matter, make it mean something, make it a memory.

Here are a few moments from 2012 that are now stitched into the fabric of my family’s past.

In April, God sent me another niece.


After a full school year of tears, trials and tribulations; Lauryn’s teachers and I, let out a collective sigh, as Lauryn received the highly esteemed, preschool diploma!

We were so Proud! Heh! Heh!

We took a little trip to Hilton Head Island for some fun in the Sun and Sand!

We added a whole slew of baby chicks to our farm register and Skylyr became a Master Chicken Catcher! The Chicks lost a lot of feathers to prove it!

Lauryn learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. Yeah!

Skylyr logged more hours on his Daddy’s tractor than any other farmer in the tri-state area, and he didn’t even use a drop of fuel!

In September, I passed a pregnancy test with a big, fat, Positive! Baby number three will be here in May 2013!

In October, we rode a real train to a real sincere Pumpkin Patch, but we didn’t catch a glimpse of The Great Pumpkin! Aww, Peanuts!


Lauryn lost her two front teeth and Santa did not bring her new ones.

We discovered that Lauryn is a Natural in the kitchen at Christmas! Santa thought her cookies were sooo Nice, they were Naughty!

2012, also, brought lots of love.


I hope 2013 brings even more for you and yours! God Bless!