I LOVE you…too much!

Five little fingers stroke the side of my face, from the hill of my cheek bone to the cliff of my jaw bone. My son swallows his last sips of juice then takes a deep breath and shouts, “Mommy, I love you….too much!”

Five small but very large words.

My heart warms and it melts; a puddle on my bedroom floor.

I swoon and my head spins.

Does this two-year old know what he just said?

This little boy, with his face all wrinkled from a deep sleep and his hair all wild from a night of tossing to and fro, know the measures of love, the bottomless depths and the unattainable heights?

Can his heart, the size of his tiny fist, feel love too much? How does he know it’s in excess? How do I know or how does anyone know when a lot is too much?

Does it hurt or ache like a raging abscess way down deep?

Does your darkest fears and your most alarming nightmares hinge on the loss of that love?

Does it keep you up at night and get you thru the day?

Do you surrender who you are to become what they need?

Does it bring you immense joy, pure and so sweet?

I am not sure if it feels the same for everyone, but I am certain that I love

this one


that one


and, this one



9 out of 10 Mothers would Agree.