Stuck in a Day…

Today marks an entire month since The Polar Express barreled toward the North Pole and The Grinch returned Christmas. Holiday decorations have long since been stuffed in Rubbermaid bins and shoved in closets. Vacuum cleaners no longer choke on glitter and pine needles. Sweet Baby Jesus has outgrown the manager and is climbing the steep hill of Golgotha with the weight of the world strapped to his shoulders. Love Crazy Cupid is stockpiling arrows and arching his bow, ready to aim. Almost everyone is over Christmas this time of year except our precious savior, Santa Claus, and my children. Yeah, Me!

I could not take the trees down fast enough. I wanted to take them apart, limb by limb, the minute the last gift was opened, but I didn’t. I waited to New Years. I thought, “I’ll give my kids a few more days to bask in the glow of twinkle lights before the magic of the season fades into the hope of the New Year.” The problem is it’s not fading. We are still belting out Christmas carols, eating candy canes, watching The Polar express and elving ourselves from the app store. I feel like Bill Murray in the movie, Groundhog Day, Ugh! I love Jesus, but I have had more than enough of the Fat Man and his red-nosed reindeer. Is anyone else having this problem?




I am not sure how long this is going to last, but you have to admit, it is kind of cute. And, Merry Christmas in January!