Be Careful What You Wish For….

Life is full of good ol fashioned irony.

When the husband and I started dating, he painted me a very clear picture of what he wanted and didn’t want in a woman. The list, I am certain, stretched to affinity and beyond. Here are just a few of the high points:

~My future wife must be independent, and not clingy and needy. Absolutely not!

~My future wife will not be bossy, not an ounce, not a bit, not at all! I want to come and go as I please!

~My future wife will LOVE to Cook, and will be a master chef in the kitchen, whipping up anything from the finest, French cuisine to the simplest, sweetest, treat.

~My future wife will not be demanding. What she gets is what she gets. Nothing more and nothing less.

~My future wife must be reasonable and practical when it comes to money matters. No overspending, No impulse shopping, just a pure, penny-pinching, tight wad!

His Dream Girl looked a lot like this:

Perfection in an apron!

Perfection in an apron!

But, in the end he married this:

Not quite what he had imagined!

Not quite what he had imagined!

Just so you know, I did not meet every single requirement on the list, but I did hit a few high points (one or two at the most). Some may say, “He lowered his standards”, but I like to think he came to grips with reality, which would prove beneficial to the health of our family for what inevitably followed our nuptials.

After four years of holy matrimony; adjusting, tolerating, and accepting each other’s faults and weaknesses, and loving one another despite them all, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl, a daughter, into our little home. We loved her and nurtured her and she grew, and she grew, and she grew into the type of girl my husband did not want at all as a wife.

~She loves to shop and impulse buys are her game.

~She can not cook, make a cold sandwich, or boil a pot of water, but she demands someone to cook for her at her every craving.

~She can wreck a house in less than 5.6 seconds, and has absolutely no understanding of the old adage, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

~She is temperamental, needy, and clingier than a peel and stick wall decal.

~She bids her man, her daddy, to stay by her side at all times. At the mere mention of straying, she comes unglued and throws a temper tantrum that rattles the walls and shatters all things glass.

She may not be what he wished for, but he could not love her more.



Daddy's little girl

Daddy’s little girl

I hope everyone gets a little something they did not want, because it may turn out to be the very thing you needed all along.