Ten Links for the Beginning Blogger

I started this blog a little over a year ago with one intent: to write and only write. My head and my heart needed an outlet and my fingertips became my voice. As good as it feels to let it all out (and it does feel really good), I soon discovered that blogging is more than just writing. Blogging is a lot about presentation; pictures that stir the soul, fancy fonts, wacky widgets, blog blissful templates, orderly organization, and on and on (concepts I know zero about). Remember, I just wanted to write people, but I wanted my blog to look pretty too!

After a year of blogging I still feel as green as a four-leaf clover. I know little to nothing about the technical jazz related to website design. I now understand why graphics design requires a college degree. Oh my Goodness!! Then there is photography and all I can say about that is thank God for instagram and snapseed. Oh Snap! However, in my pursuit for a better blog, I have stumbled across some links and websites that I wish I would have came across before I started this crazy online journal. So, if you are thinking about beginning a blog or maybe would like to make the blog you already have look a little better than these ten links are for you, my dear! And, if you could care less about blogging, then I am truly sorry. This post and ten links are not for you. Better luck next week!

1. What blogging platform should I use, you ask? Blogger(Blogspot) Vs. WordPress? Hosted Vs. Self-Hosted? Here’s your answer: Where to Blog and how to begin

2. Have you ever wanted to know how to create a custom facebook timeline cover or a blog header that looks professionally designed? Yep! Me too. Here’s your link: Step by Step Blog Header Customization

3. I love posts that end in a blogger’s signature. It makes the whole post feel personal and just for you like a sweet hand written note. Do you want to know how to add a signature to your posts?Sign here

4. If you want to make your very own pretty little fonts, here you go: Draw Away!

5. Do you wish you knew, what in the world to do, when you’ve been glaring at a computer screen for hours and have absolutely nothing to post for it? This is what you do:

The words will eventually come...

The words will eventually come…

6. If you would love standout categories on your blog, then this link is for you and me: twelve free category flags

7. Do you wish you knew how to create your very own blog button using Pixlr(free)? Here is your solution: Push here

8. If you crave pinable photos and text this link is for you: Photo Editing Tips and Tricks for bloggers

9. If a good chuckle is what your heart desires:

10. And, if you could care less about blogging, but you would like to find the perfect gift for my new bundle of joy, here you go:



Good Luck and Happy Blogging!