A Decade

Before baby number three made his grand entrance, I decided, like school, this blog would be

out for the summer! I would resist the glare of the screen, and I would spend my time

getting lost in these fat rolls,


Tickling these toes,


Squeezing these little hands,


and getting intoxicated on that sweet new baby smell.

For I know all too soon this little one,


Will be as big as these two.


So, no blogging for me. Just me and my brood of three living, laughing, and loving our way

through the summer.

But, I could not let this day pass without doing one little post.

See today marks a decade, ten years, 3,650 days since I said “I Do” to this man.

10-12-2004 08;05;21PM

“I do” to his clothes on the floor and his plate always on the table.

“I do” to his dirty socks inside out and his coffee cup rings on my kitchen counter.

“I do” to holding his hand in the car and kissing in the dark.

“I do” to a million “I Love you’s” and very few “I am sorry’s”.

“I do” to always showing up even when all I wanna do is clock out.

“I do” to biting my tongue when it fights to run loose.

“I do” to a thousand little things I didn’t know about him and accepting all of them.

“I do” to loving him…and only him. Always.

I would say “I do” to the very same man, the very same way, all over again and again.


And, to my three little babies on your parent’s ten-year wedding anniversary, your mommy

wants you to….always…remember one thing.

When each of you look in the mirror the only thing you should see in your reflection is love.

Each of you were made from.. and…with love.

Love breathed you into being.

Love wrapped you in skin and bone.

Love started your blood to flowing, your lungs to rising and falling,

and love gave your heart a beat, a rhythm.

Love made you and it will always keep you…always.