Burnt Pancakes

I once was told that regardless of how flat you get a pancake, it still has two sides. One side may be a little flatter, the other side a little burnt, but there… Continue reading

Understated Truths

I love Commercials! They say so much in a matter of seconds! They make you want things you didn’t know you wanted. They make you need things that you didn’t know you needed.… Continue reading

BiTtEr PiLlS

Regret is such a bitter pill to swallow. The bad taste it leaves in your mouth can linger for days, months, even years. The side effects are atrocious. Confusion, insomnia, irritability, and downright… Continue reading

Missing: My Patience

I lost my Patience last night. I could not find it anywhere! I looked under the bed, in between the couch cushions, behind the fridge, but my Patience was nowhere to be found.… Continue reading

WhY aM i DoInG tHiS???

I love when things happen naturally, organically, without force or persuasion. I love when all the pieces of the puzzle fall magically into place without any effort on my part. When this happens,… Continue reading