Ten Links for the Beginning Blogger

I started this blog a little over a year ago with one intent: to write and only write. My head and my heart needed an outlet and my fingertips became my voice. As… Continue reading

Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Pants

In the corner of my closet, a storage bin sits overflowing with maternity clothes in all sizes and styles. For the past six years, the ladies in my family have passed the bin… Continue reading

Small Talk & The Weather

Seriously, would small talk exist without the weather? Could we start a conversation with a stranger that did not begin with, “So, you think it may rain today?” or “Is it hot enough… Continue reading

Ten links for a Wonder-Full Weekend!

1. A buy-worthy app For the iPhoneographer: Pic-Tap-Go Review 2. The reason why Sibling Rivalry exists: Does a Parent really have a “Favorite” Child? 3. Think Promotion. Ways to use Pinterest to your… Continue reading

Be Careful What You Wish For….

Life is full of good ol fashioned irony. When the husband and I started dating, he painted me a very clear picture of what he wanted and didn’t want in a woman. The… Continue reading


I can sit here and wait, wait for the words to start forming, multiplying and dividing. One thought leads to another, and another, and then I’m back where I started. The very place… Continue reading

How to Make a Cutesy Cupcake Train

I’m not sure I’ve told you all this before, but I love Pinterest! I love it for so, so many reasons. For one, it leads me to believe that I can do just… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Skylyr!

Another year, another birthday. My little man has hit the big three! Gifting us with three years of John Deere Tractors and hot wheels under our feet, ring around the living room circles,… Continue reading

What happens when you can’t sleep

It’s 4 a.m. and I’m up again. Someone knee-high is yelling for juice. I crawl out of bed, fill a cup up, and head back to bed. I crawl under the covers and… Continue reading

All I Wanna do Today

Today,on this hallmark-moment making day, overflowing with hearts, flowers, and candies; I really want to celebrate this day in style, with love, from me to me. I got all dressed up and went… Continue reading