Tips & Tricks on How to Potty Train the Man-Child

When the Husband and I were still honeymooning, we made the monumental decision to adopt a lovable, cuddly, PUPPY DOG! I had my heart set on floppy-eared Basset Hound from our state’s rescue… Continue reading

Letting Go of Perfect

I can count on a missing shoe or mismatched sock to make me late every morning. I am gaining weight at an alarming rate, 10 pounds plus some, monthly. My face resembles the… Continue reading

The One & Only Thing I Love about Winter

Snow, Baby! Snow! I Love Snow Flurries. Snowflakes, Snowballs,                     Snow Fights,                     Snow Angels,… Continue reading

Those things we can’t live without

It’s funny the things we hold onto, the things we think we can not live without. For some, its old photographs of smiling faces and exotic places. For others, its handwritten letters, on… Continue reading

Stuck in a Day…

Today marks an entire month since The Polar Express barreled toward the North Pole and The Grinch returned Christmas. Holiday decorations have long since been stuffed in Rubbermaid bins and shoved in closets.… Continue reading

This is 32

When you’re young, you dream big dreams. You make plans. You draw out maps. You sketch a future filled with fame and fortune. You marry royalty. You live in a castle in a… Continue reading

A Lesson Every Child Should Learn!

Brush your teeth. Wash behind your ears. Leave the toilet seat the way you found it, DOWN! Eat your vegetables, and no, French fries does not count. No punching, hitting, or biting. Share!… Continue reading

I LOVE you…too much!

Five little fingers stroke the side of my face, from the hill of my cheek bone to the cliff of my jaw bone. My son swallows his last sips of juice then takes… Continue reading

Making Moments into Memories

Time does not stop. It does not slow down. It marches forward, minute by minute, hour by hour. Each day brings a new gift, a second chance, a promise of hope. And, each… Continue reading

Spreading the LoVe

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” ―… Continue reading