I lay awake nursing a new baby boy, a fresh slice of heaven nestled on my chest. I soak in the stillness of the night. I bask in the beauty of this moment.… Continue reading

A Decade

Before baby number three made his grand entrance, I decided, like school, this blog would be out for the summer! I would resist the glare of the screen, and I would spend my… Continue reading

Sister Sorrow

It has been a long, hard week. One, we will not soon forget. Monday, runners ran and bombs exploded, atoms split, three died, and we cried. Tuesday, more explosions, more people gone, up… Continue reading

A Lesson We Need to be Teaching

From the very first time I saw the lines of a pregnancy test flash positive, and I heard the first sounds of life, beating fast and fierce from the depths of my womb,… Continue reading

By his Hands

Somedays I hear it, the sound of a hammer hitting a chisel. Somedays I see it, pieces of stone, split and fall. I am the clay and he is the potter. He hums… Continue reading

Blow Out Your Birthday Candle, Miss Kynlee!

In twelve months, your entire life can change. You can travel the world, swim in the crystal clear waters of Bora, Bora, indulge your taste buds on the streets of Paris with sweet… Continue reading

Gratitude can grow from weeds

I am 33 weeks pregnant today which feels more like 333 years pregnant to my ever-expanding body. I try, God knows I try, to be grateful for this opportunity, for this experience, for… Continue reading

Bread and Wine

We sit in cloth covered pews, hands clasped in prayer, as light, wonderful light, streams through stained glass windows. Hand to hand, stainless steel trays our passed holding the fruit of the vine… Continue reading

My King

I live in the United States of America. We our a democratic country, governed by one man, a president. Our land is divided into states not kingdoms. Our population of people does not… Continue reading


Pull up a chair. Sit down, and let me tell you about my life right now. I am overjoyed that spring has finally sprung. I feel like a caged bird that has been… Continue reading